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R & D Center

◆Ceramic knives and zirconium porcelain tableware research and development team::

    1)ceramic knife laboratory:

It is responsible for the research of toughening materials for ceramic knives, the appearance of new products, the design of related accessories and the selection of materials. At the same time, it is also responsible for the formulation of the related inspection standards for ceramic knives, and the samples of the ceramic knives are made for the customers to accept and participate in the exhibition. Because of the huge number of ceramic knives produced by the company, the lab is also responsible for product optimization and cost reduction. Ceramic knife research team's research project toughening and strengthening the ceramic knife will be the main project to increase the competitiveness and benefit growth of Zhuhai Xiang Jun Polytron Technologies Inc. The project has been completed, and through the acceptance of the project, strengthen toughened ceramic knife to get customers' praise and approval.

    2)zirconium porcelain tableware laboratory:

Mainly responsible for the research of zirconium porcelain tableware products, including material, molding technology, sintering system research, assembly and testing method design, surface polishing technology research, drawing of production mould drawing and related inspection standards. At the same time, responsible for sample production, customer acceptance and participation in the exhibition. Zirconium porcelain series tableware has successfully developed the sample, the trial experience in the company, the zirconium porcelain series tableware surface smooth smooth, comfortable hand feel, the use will not cause any discomfort to the mouth, and easy to clean, not rusty.

◆Oxygen sensor research team:

The oxygen sensor project is a project co developed by Xiang Jun Jun Polytron Technologies Inc and the biological material engineering research center of Sichuan University. The oxygen sensor and fuel cell laboratory is mainly responsible for the principle and structure of oxygen sensors, the selection and molding process of raw materials, and the process research of each process in the production process, and the oxygen transmission The sensor project is a research project for the company, so the technician of the laboratory is a professional or inorganic material researcher of the oxygen sensor and the technical support of the relevant researchers and professors of the two universities.。

The oxygen sensor is located as one of the most important items for the development and benefit improvement of Future Ltd. Now the main domestic oxygen sensor chips are mainly imported from foreign countries, and then assembled in China, which is not only expensive and can only be applied to the after-sale service of automobile, but I can only use the oxygen sensor chips in China. The company aims to produce a flat plate type of oxygen sensor, which can meet the national standard, and can replace the imported products from foreign countries for automobile manufacturing and automobile after service. The experiment of our company has completed the process flow, material research, and has successfully made sample sample delivery. After testing the response time, strength and internal resistance of the oxygen sensor, it can meet the requirements of the national standard.


◆Research team of electric bottle opener and cutter machine:

The electric opener and electric sharpening machine laboratory are mainly responsible for the structure design of the electric opener and cutter machine. The team is responsible for the performance improvement of the electric bottle opener, the selection of the electronic components of the new products, the sample making and the standard formulation of the inspection. The electric bottle opener research team has completed the design and development of a number of electric bottle openers and has already realized mass production and sales, and has applied and authorized 1 invention patents and a number of utility model patents.

3.information construction situation

Zhuhai Xiang Jun Electronics Co., Ltd. research and development center not only from the technology, product and other aspects of innovation, but also through the perfect information construction, in the management means and management system of continuous innovation. The company introduces the ERP system. The main purpose of the ERP system is to balance and optimize the comprehensive resources, such as people, money, material, information, time and space, and so on. The ERP software coordinates the management departments of the enterprises. The ERP system develops the business activities around the market, and improves the core competitiveness of the enterprise, so the ERP software is used. Get the best economic benefits